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Coupon Campaigns

Groupon seems to have a way of gathering up all the undesirable customers in the world and dumping them at your door; these customers hang around Groupon looking for things that seem like bargains.  They buy stuff they don’t really want and don’t understand; they then become a support burden for a while, before leaving poor feedback about your business.  If such a campaign goes viral you can expect to have hundreds of these people turning up for months.  Oh, and I almost forgot – Groupon then gouges a large lump out  of the low price paid leaving your business selling at a loss or worse and keeps their email address.  Sounds like A Win-Win-Lose deal to me!

There is a better way – run your own coupon scheme for your own customers.

  • Design your offer – Is it attractive ?  Is it timely ?
  • Choose your target customer / audience – New customers ?  Pensioners ? Students ?
  • Design a coupon with clear terms and condition and clear instructions on how to redeem it
  • Promote widely on all your social media and blogs

Coupon offers may include

  • Discounts – percentage or fixed amount
  • Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF)
  • Bonus Loyalty points
  • Free item with purchase

Protect yourself from the following

  • Customers arriving with several coupons and wanting several times 5%/ £5 off – limit the discount to one coupon  per purchase
  • Customers using coupons for things that they would have bought anyway.  Add terms such as New customers only  or one per moth/ customer / household
  • A viral response to your offer – if it is too good an offer, you could have lots of customers and lose a  lot of money in redeeming the coupons
  • Too many coupons – you’ll run out of stock or go bust on cashflow
  • Losing money –require a minimum purchase

Make your coupon more effective by

  • Using a deadline – people will lose the coupon, if they don’t use it
  • Requiring them to share the coupon via Facebook, Twitter or email or to Follow you / optin to your email list
  • Requiring a referral of a new customer to redeem the coupon
  • Using Social Media to share the coupon
  • Making it mobile friendly

How can we help?

For a low monthly charge, SMEsOnline offers clients a Facebook coupon posting dashboard – clients can set up their own coupons on Facebook Pages, which are compatible with mobile devices (Facebook currently turns away mobile browsers, but not those using our service).  You can create and manage as many coupon campaigns as you wish from here and gather ’Likes’ and  optins to your email list as well as promoting the coupon campaign.

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