Video Marketing

Welcome to the first post in our series on video marketing!  We want to start with the benefits in this video below: As online marketing becomes more competitive, one of the most effective ways of promoting your business online is to use  video.  The traffic available from Video Sharing sites is massive, (YouTube is always in the top three visited sites) and Facebook is making very aggressive moves to grab a share of the video cake.  Twitter and LinkedIn have also begun to allow video; Periscope is Twitter's rapidly growing streamed video application.  Several other social media networks now have video offerings including Pinterest, Flickr,  Instagram and  Slideshare.  So that is the way the wind is blowing ! Achieving a video ranking is easier because it is much less competitive;  for every video uploaded, there are 100 text pages.  Videos are separately indexed and like the other specialist indexes (images, maps, etc (watch the video) their results are added to the Universal search results.  While most people know how to optimize their videos, few know how to promote their video on YouTube or off YouTube.  SMEsOnline has written a "Video Optimization Checklist and On You-Tube Promotion Guide" specifically for SME owners and marketers.  The Off YouTube efforts take a lot of work and are best done by someone who has the right tools.  You can read more about those in future posts Video is not only easier to promote, it is more engaging for viewers and has a higher conversion rate.  This is all good news for the busy owner of an SME who want to create a presence  online. Video is also getting cheaper to produce.  Some people are using their mobile phone as a video camera.  You  probably own most of the kit you need and you can buy video editing software for less than £200.  Animated videos (software -$47 ), Powerpoint videos (free), Screen capture software (20 Euros for unlimited video capture) and whiteboard videos ($57 pa) can all be used to produce videos without you in front of the camera and at very low cost. It still takes time and sometimes a professional approach is needed. If you want to put a toe on the water, then why not try it with one of our editable Powerpoint video templates. They look very professional and can be tailored to your business by adding some images and your own words of course.  Powerpoint allows you to record a sound track and then turn it into a video, which can be uploaded to YouTube or another Video Sharing site. Finally if you prefer paid traffic methods, video ads are being introduced on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and they are massively cheaper than their text equivalents. Video marketing is less competitive, higher converting and provides massive traffic when you get it right.  All the major web players are fighting for the video space and you have the opportunity to place your videos at the top of search rankings for your chosen search terms.  If you would like some help or more information, SMEsOnline is ready to help ! [wrc_post_widget id='390']