Professional Services Marketing for SMEs

Marketing professional service present unique challenges - since you're the product and the marketer, you need to be in two places at once.  Small professional services firms always have a problem of Feast or Famine, especially in the early stages of the firm's life We know that certain marketing approaches work particularly well in Professional Services Marketing - fortunately there are online equivalents:
  • Networking - LinkedIn is perfect for finding and approaching potential customers including very senior customers
  • Referrals - LinkedIn make it easier for referrers and potential customers to make an introduction
  • Relationship Building - LinkedIn Discussion Groups and webinars are powerful ways of nurturing relationships
  • Though Leadership - Webinars, LinkedIn Groups,LinkedIn Pulse and your blog provide an excellent platform.
SMEsOnline can help with all these approaches to marketing your Professional Service business.  Get in touch if you have any questions or would like more information