Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is vitally important for all businesses.  Reviews are being collected on social media (eg Facebook, GoogleMyBusiness(TM) ) and review sites (Yelp, TripAdvisor(TM)) and although most customers are reasonable, from time to time a troll will write something.  In this video, we explain why reviews matter and what you can do to mange your reputation online. At heart, online reputation management is about knowing what your customers think about you. The first step is to consistently do your job well. There will be times when things don't go to plan and you have a dissatisfied customer, who will take revenge online. If that's your only review, you're in trouble especially if you don't know it is there. SMEsOnline provides a market leading service for online monitoring. You can monitor as many terms as you wish (variations of business name, product/service names / name of owner, common misspellings of all of these) and receive an alert when the service detects one of these terms on social media, forums or review sites. We know that the search engines are influenced by reviews and we know which sites feed which search engine. Ensuring that all the search engines have the evidence they need is possible; your business needs a systematic approach to collecting reviews - we have a neat approach for collecting video reviews which have tremendous value. Finally, for clients of our online monitoring service, we have a 5 Point Plan for dealing with bad reviews.  Find our more about our online reputation monitoring service here. Online Reputation Monitoring can help your business in a number of ways:
  • Finding the bad review  of the disgruntled customer before everyone else does - allowing you to put it right
  • Retaining customers - how hard did you have top work to get them in the first place
  • New customers - those who don't know your business and find you online will not be presented with many bad reviews
  • Complaints are an good source of product and service improvement ideas - but only if you know they are there !
There are cases of companies who have driven out of business by bad reviews, but most can weather the damage.  Making Reputation Management part of your daily business makes lasting damage less likely.  Do get in touch if SMEsOnline can help you with this area.