Mobile Marketing Benefits and Opportunities for SMEs

Mobile Marketing is a vital part of any small business's online marketing for positive and negative reasons.  From the negative point of view, if your site is not mobile ready, then search engines will penalise your site and reduce its ranking.   Mobile users will also form  a bad impression of your business, few will recommend your business and many will find a competitor's website and never return to yours. There are also many positive reasons for engaging in mobile marketing. Firstly, 4 out of 5 SMEs have not yet, so it is less competitive.  (But watch this space as SMEs realise that it is costing them, they will respond).   Secondly, more than 50% of adults have a smartphone - smartphone market penetration is almost complete:  just look at the election of Pope Francis in the video!   Smartphone users can be reached in lots of new ways;  just think for a moment, when did you last ignore / not read a text message arriving ?  Being able to get to people's mobile phone is a fantastic opportunity! Thirdly, think for another second about when you search on a mobile phone - are you looking for somewhere to buy something or trying to find a shop or office ?  In most cases, that is true and you can see the statistics in the video above.  Mobile customers are generally buyers - who would just browse on a phone?  the screen is too small and low resolution and the buttons are too small on the non-mobile ready sites.   Now is the time to establish your site in the mobile search engines index (not the sames as the universal index) There are several other ways to market on mobile: Coupons - mobile coupons don't get lost or left behind so they convert at about 20 times the paper coupon rate.  They cost less to set up, less to promote / distribute and less to redeem. QR codes - QR codes allow a smartphone user to scan the image and then be redirected to a website, an app, an offer, a mailing list and many other things.  Use one on all your stationary and hard copy  advertising - it will raise your conversion rates. Paid Ad's - you can advertise via mobile apps.  Ads convert at a lower rate, but are even cheaper, so if well targeted may prove more cost-effective than Pay Per Click ads. Mobile Apps - if your business has an app which provides something  your customers cannot otherwise get, it can be invaluable to your business.  Although you are not in their wallet, you are in their mobile phone and that is nearly as good - when mobile payments are adopted, then you will be in their wallet. Do get in touch for more information, and look out for the next in our mobile marketing series.  Sign up for our mobile marketing email list if you are specifically investigating this area.