Content Marketing for SMEs

Content Marketing is an important positioning tool for any business.  Buying behaviour has changed substantially as people have become more World Wide Web savvy and most will do their research online before buying.  Your published content will be trawled by potential customers and if it passes scrutiny, you're in the game.  If it doesn't you aren't....   You know that buyers use content to create their buying criteria and their shortlist, so you need to get amongst content marketing quickly. You  must anticipate what customers need to know and make sure they can find it in as many forms as you can manage.  Perhaps most important is to make your content distinct - adopting a worldview which says that your way is the best way / right way to implement a solution will put off some, but it will also put you in pole position for your preferred clients.  You can't service the whole market, so concentrate on the easiest and most suitable customers.