Internet Marketing Services

When Business Owners hear the words “Internet Marketing Services”, their hearts must sink ! They know that this is the way the world is moving ever faster, but the tyranny of “Business As Usual” means there is always something more urgent. And when a Business Owner finally finds time to talk to someone about it, some geeky guy, who seems to think that businesses exist to buy websites, will chatter away in an incomprehensible mixture of acronyms and technobabble and then present an unaffordable proposal. SMEsOnline solves this. At SMEsOnline, we understand that your business is about markets and brands, customers and market segments, products and/or services, suppliers and deliveries, income and expenses and people rather than technology. We will first listen to you talking in your own language about your business and your business’s needs, about lead generation, lead conversion, engaging customers, customer service, customer loyalty, testimonials, reputation and brand. Online marketing provides some powerful and cost effective techniques for meeting these needs. Once we have understood your business, if we can help, we will show you how. In general, the internet marketing needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and the internet marketing services they require, fall into three groups: • SMEs addressing a local market without technically skilled people or internet marketing resources. • SMEs addressing a local market which can put effort into internet marketing • Local business with complex services or products or a SME with a niche product or service addressing a global market (two types of business, with practically identical needs) As technology advance continuously, it is no longer enough to have just a website – social media is also a basic necessity. As a Marketing Consultant who specialises in SMEs, SMEsOnline can quickly assess which set of needs will suit your business and almost as quickly we can provide the right infrastructure and internet marketing services to get you up online: • A secure lead generation website • Pages, Accounts or Channels on major social media sites (Facebook, Google +, Twitter and YouTube) • Updated business listings linked to your website (yellow pages are not alone) • Online branding • Promotional video for your business • 24x 7 reputation monitoring • Back-office website management services (techie stuff about the plumbing) and promotion support • Options include automation or remote operation of various activities • online syndication and promotion of your content /site/Pages/ channel • lead capture and email marketing, • testimonial / review capture • loyalty reward schemes • coupon site • web conferencing This can be delivered cost effectively, because SMEsOnline uses automation, standard software packages and offshoring to deliver these functions. SMEsOnline will show you how to make the most of the lead generation infrastructure with video training and regular online seminars for customers. From this platform, your business will generate leads, engage with customers, manage your online reputation and brand and drive sales and profits SMEsOnline can also provide other internet marketing services such as online advertising, off site promotion, social media campaigns, press releases, use of LinkedIn and Pinterest, mobile marketing and mobile apps. If your business is struggling with websites and social media, get in touch with