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Interactive Video – a more engaging approach

We all know that  Video is engaging, but I want to talk about interactive video today something that is even more engaging !  Before I show you, let me explain what interactive video means – briefly as you ask the viewer questions in the video,  the viewer then clicks on a button, a hot spot or an image  to answer and then depending on the answer the viewer is shown a new video segment.  For example imagine you are a letting agent who has one set of messages for tenants and another for landlords – that’s your first question in the video on your home page.  In this example showing my limited skills in front and behind the camera (and even more limited sense of humour),  an imaginary restaurant is trying to attract frequent diners who eat our for business  to use the restaurant.

If you’re interested in an interactive video to promote your business or the business of one of your customers, then please get in touch

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