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Digital Marketing agencies vary in their range of services – some restrict themselves to website design and build while others also include online advertising, search engine optimisation (SEO) and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and just a few deal with content marketing.

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In writing this page, I have found it interesting comparing the websites that I have found searching for the three terms “b2B marketing agency”, “online marketing agency” and “digital marketing agency”.  While the sites of B2B marketing agencies are based in marketing and business, the websites of digital and online marketing agencies are based on technology. Perhaps that is not so surprising, but I have found that digital marketing agencies give more prominence to website design while online marketing agencies emphasise their online advertising and search engine optimisation services.  Naturally there is quite a lot of overlap, but it goes to show that the intention of buyers is reflected in the search terms they use.

Let’s talk a bit about website design.  A website design should go through several stages although the customer may not see all of them:

Information Gathering Project Planning


Listening to and learning about the customer and his needs

  • Purpose
  • Goals
  • Audience
  • Content
  • Competition
  • Planning Brief
Defining site requirements, timescales and business case

  • Pages
  • Page Structure
  • Purpose of each page
  • Estimates
  • Site Map
Translating Requirements into a Specification

  • User Interface Design
  • Branding / look and feel
  • Extra functions
  • Website Spec’f’n


Testing & Go Live


Implementing specification in chosen platform

  • Choice of Website platform
  • Security
  • Building on a development domain
  • Development website
Test delivered website against requirements and transfer to live domain

  • Functional testing
  • Mobile testing
  • Legal checks
  • Standards  compliance
  • Live Website
Keeping the website working well and securely

  • Backups
  • Software updates
  • Performance optimisation
  • Comment Spam

Especially if the Digital Marketing Agency is building a large website, these stages reduce the risk of building the website that you want.  In bold, the stage product is picked out.  The better these intermediate products are, the better the website will suit your business

If the ‘digital marketing agency’ essentially delivers websites to client’s stated requirements, then you will need to work harder on two areas:

  • Linking your marketing strategy and plans to the website design
  • Ensuring that you think of all your requirements  – do some research on the Internet where generic requirements are available

Many website designers don’t like doing the kind of the work needed in the Maintenance stage and so will invite you to find a maintenance partner.  This may suit larger organisations, but a small organisation should not underestimate how much work is involved in maintaining a website.

Many digital marketing agencies also do the paid traffic and search engine optimisation, but their heart lies in website development and you may achieve better results using another partner.

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