Bronze Lead Generation Package

For small companies with few resources available for Web marketing, life can feel lonely.  Few SME owners know what they need to do to rank their website and of those who do, many don’t know how to do it.  Fortunately, most of it only needs setting up once and then it is just a question of writing the occasional article to remind your customers that you’re still alive.  And anyone who can use a word processor can publish a post on one of our websites.  For these customers, recommends the Bronze Lead Generation package.

Customers and search engines expect to see a branded website, branded social media sites and business listings:  The Bronze Package comprises:
  • A lead generating website  (with brand graphics)
  • A Facebook Page (with brand graphics)
  • A Google Plus Page (with brand graphics)
  • A YouTube channel (with brand graphics)
  • A Twitter account (with branded graphics)
  • A promotional video
  • 24x 7 monitoring service,  which alerts the customer of any downtime on the site
  • One set up autoresponder list – for emailing the customers
  • 35 major Business Listings  - sites similar to Yellow Pages
Ordering the Bronze Lead Generation Package is straightforward – after a low initial set up fee, a monthly payment pays for site maintenance, backups, software updates and support.  Get in touch using the contact form BWs James

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