About SMEsOnline

SMEsOnline provides small and medium businesses with low cost access to big business marketing techniques by using:

  • Open Source (free) software
  • Modular standard solutions to fit the various needs of typical customers
  • Automation
  • Offshoring
Products and services include
  • Management Consulting – Marketing, Branding
  • Marketing Agency – Website Design and Build, Promotion support
  • Lead Generation – Bronze :  cost-effective lead generation infrastructure for small local business
  • Lead Generation – Silver: powerful solution for local business with own marketing capability
  • Lead Generation - Gold : sophisticated solution for global /local businesses with complex products / services
  • Social Media Campaign Support
  • Paid Traffic – PPC, Social Media Ads, Media Buying
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) : optimising websites using conventional techniques
  • Advanced SEO – exploiting Open Graph, Schema.org  and Twitter Cards technology being implemented by search engines
  • content marketing: relationship and authority building
  • Mobile App development: Developing apps for smart phones
  • mobile marketing: how to engage with smartphone users (with or without apps)
  • Loyalty Reward Schemes: creating a win-win for your loyal customers and your business
  • Coupon  Schemes:  attracting your kind of customer (not the discount hunter)
  • Press Releases: review of press releases and syndication to 200 PR sites
  • Website Security: securing vulnerable sites, cleaning up hacked sites